Are you in search of healing? EFT, Hypnosis, Reiki and Tarot readings available here.

As of 11 July 2018, sessions are by appointment
and can only be made after the DISCLAIMER form 
has been filled out.

PLEASE read and sign the DISCLAIMER form 
before setting up an appointment.

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I offer the following services:
Emotional Freedom Technique##Hypnosis##Reiki##Unique Tarot Card Readings
ATTENTION: Phoning me? Leave a message. No message, no return call.

22 May 2018
As of 1 June 2018, the fees for my services will increase.
I will be charging $2.50 per minute or $150.00 per session for
EFT, Hypnosis,and Tarot readings.  
Reiki services will go up to $1.00 per minute or $60.00 per session.


All the ladies





Emotional Freedom Technique* I have heard many definitions of EFT, the one that resonates strongest
with me is; EFT is acupressure for the emotions.
My strongsuit in EFT is one-on-one phone/Zoom.us sessions.
So if you have fears, phobias or aches and pains, contact me! http://www.xpr3.com Care to share your tattoo story?
I am looking for folks that underwent
similar circumstances to my own.
Do we have this in common?
Please leave
a voice mail at (641) 715-3900.
Once connected, please dial 922489# in order
to leave me
a voice mail with your name, phone number.
Let's compare notes!

PLEASE read and sign the DISCLAIMER form before setting up an appointment. My podcast links! My Anchor.fm podcast My Spreaker.com podcast I'll just leave these up for now. Please do let me know your thoughts. http://www.xpr3.com/share1.html http://www.xpr3.com/share2.html http://www.xpr3.com/share3.html http://www.xpr3.com/share4.html http://www.xpr3.com/share5.html http://www.xpr3.com/share6.html http://www.xpr3.com/share7.html http://www.xpr3.com/share8.html http://www.xpr3.com/share9.html http://www.xpr3.com/share10.html